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Euro-2012 is championship of Europe on football in Doneck

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Euro-2012 is championship of Europe on football in Ukraine and Poland

Euro-2012 is championship of Europe on football in Ukraine and Poland

Whatever was talked, but Poland and Ukraine could be prepared not bad for the championship of Europe on football coming in this year. Both countries bind forthcoming championship to the increase of the prestige in the world. Certainly, in this aspect Poland passes ahead Ukraine far. Not secret, that many Europeans present Ukraine as state civilized not quite until now. Euro 2012 called to blow about such ridiculous idea about a country.

Whether championship of Europe on football 2012 carrying out is profitable?

In respect of economic value from realization of such mega-event, then two opposite opinions prevail in both countries. Part of people supposes that except losses, championship nothing will bring. Other see the real income in that, that all built objects will operate and after realization of competitions, and it means that sooner or later expenses will be justified with usury. Now moods in a country are different. Someone sets a question, whether championship of Europe can on football 2012 to ravage the state budget. In turn, the vice-president of the Olympic committee of Ukraine Victor Korzh declares, that to doubt in expediency of realization of Euro-2012 does not cost.

That we have and that will be

It is necessary to prepare for any action in advance, and to such significant, as the championship of Europe, and even more. All necessary works have begun in advance. In Ukraine it is constructed two magnificent stadiums: in Donetsk and Lvov. In Kharkov and Kiev two huge stadiums reconstructed on the world standards. Besides, the set of excellent hotels is constructed, and many airports are translated in the category of the international. Between cities in which will take place games, high- speed trains will ply.

Guest reception on a higher digit

Ukrainian business in a great deal does a rate on arrival on championship of Europe on football 2012 large number of solvent people from around the world. If building of chic hotels not all on a pocket, that service services in a higher digit will be able to give many companies. First of all it behaves to rent

Donetsk already today fully ready to the grant of service of car rent on a higher

level. If yet a year ago rent of limousines in Donetsk and area mainly was in demand during realization of wedding, that is today observed obvious activation of demand on such favour. In connection with Euro 2012 in city there are many enough representatives from the top management of realization of championship, and also leading specialists of building companies of Europe. All of them prefer to move on a country with a comfort, and for many of them rent of limousines is a suitable variant.

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To championship of Europe on football 2012 - to be!

There is no doubt in that for many Ukrainian companies championship of Europe on football 2012 will be a good source for the receipt of large incomes. To the opponents of realization of Euro 2012 in Ukraine and Poland it is necessary not to forget about that, that in the period of preparation to this momentous measure hundreds of thousands of new workplaces appeared in countries. Without it an unemployment rate in both countries would be yet higher, and it means, what the outflow of specialists abroad too would be high.

In development of infrastructure 90% is expended from all facilities intended for realization of championship. In the end it improves life of people. Euro-2012 can become a powerful impulse to development of country.

It is needed to confess that Ukraine and Poland, at all far not brilliant economic position, was able to do titanic work, and championship will take place exactly in these countries.